Keep On Moving Exercise Programs

Keep On Moving Designated Exercise programs assist members of the community identify safer exercise options. It is easy to determine if a program is designated “Keep On Moving” by simply looking for the “Keep On Moving” logo next to the program description:

Keep On Moving (KOM) Designated Fitness Classes Use these Criteria to provide a safer exercise option:

  • KOM designated Fitness classes are led by an accredited fitness instructor who is insured for a minimum for $2 million liability, has attended the required annual KOM education course and holds current First Aid and CPR training
  • Provides health screening for all participants prior to class in accordance with the fitness instructor's accrediting body
  • Offers a minimum 30 minute class duration
  • Fitness class provides an opportunity for participants to be working within a light to moderate intensity level (2-5 on the Rate of Perceived Exertion scale)
  • Provides methods to monitor intensity during exercise and promotes self-monitoring during class
  • Always includes a full warm-up and cool-down, minimum 5 minutes each
  • Offers exercise modifications in recognition of varying functional abilities
  • Demonstrates a documented emergency plan with telephone access to emergency medical services (EMS) and fitness instructor awareness of this plan
  • Class environment is free of extreme temperatures that could result in exertional stress
  • Instructor is mindful that certain positions may cause mechanical or physiological stress and is willing to provide alternatives for participants

Keep On Moving + Designated Classes have all of the above plus:

  • Meet all of the criteria for KOM Basic designation
  • Demonstrates the availability of an AED (automated external defibrillator) in good working order with appropriate fitness instructor training

Due to the variety of programs that could be designated “Keep On Moving”, ensure that you check the program description to find a program that best suits your individual needs. If you are unsure or have questions/concerns, please contact the Facility Representative.

The Logos

The Keep On Moving program currently offers two levels of designation: Basic and Plus.

1) Keep On Moving Basic:

This level of designation will meet all the guidelines above but does not have an AED (automated external defibrillator) on site while the exercise program is in session.

2) Keep On Moving Plus:

This level of designation will meet all the guidelines including the presence of an AED (automated external defibrillator) with properly trained staff on this device.